ScubaCore DVD is a travel show, on DVD, that showcases high-end diving destinations worldwide. There's so much to experience when you go on a dive trip, we figure we'd show it to you in moving pictures, with explanations and commentary by our host Anat Grant, our marine expert Rachel McPherson, and special guests. There's plenty of great underwater footage but also important views of what it takes to get there, what the boat or resort is like, how they run the diving, and more.

ScubaCore DVD can be purchased as single issues or in packs of 2, 3 or 4 DVDs. In each issue of ScubaCore DVD you'll find over 2 hours of video, in the form of ScubaCore Dive Portraits, Reports and Profiles.

Every Picture Tells a Story:

The main features in ScubaCore DVD are the Dive Portraits: magazine-style shows about the location or dive operation. Each show is 20-30 minutes long, and contains information about travel to the destination, accommodations, itineraries, diving conditions and the aquatic life. Dive Portraits are designed to give the viewer a taste of what it's like to be there and to dive there. Sometimes there are interesting topside activities to show such as parks, rainforest canopy tours, cave tours and whale watching, and we'll report on those as well.

ScubaCore Reports are informational segments where we explore issues, visit manufacturers and report on various diving-related topics. In our Around the World series we'll be interviewing photographers and other divers of note and hearing their tales of underwater adventures.

ScubaCore Profiles are short vignettes of ScubaCore Dive Portraits and Reports featured in other issues of ScubaCore DVD -- kind of like sneak previews.

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