Sharks, Divers & People – A Good Mix?

These are tough times to be a shark, with the fisherman, the shark-finning bandits, and the peril of long liners. And yet our fascination with these creatures is seemingly insatiable, with a plethora of alarmist television programs and movies released every year. As divers, we seek to be around these beautiful creatures, and after realizing that they don't really like to hang out with us underwater, we often resort to baiting and feeding them to attract their attention. ScubaCore offers a look at cage diving with great white sharks at Isla Guadalupe, off the coast of Mexico. In addition, we'll show you a shark feeds that we have observed, as well as a shark attract, with the Undersea Explorer at Osprey Reef. In addition to the shark footage, we speak with Dr. Chris Lowe of the SharkLab at Cal State Long Beach, Doc Anes of San Diego Shark Diving, and John Rumney of Undersea Explorer.

We hope that this report will help raise awareness, and inspire awe, because sharks are truly amazing creatures, and they need our help to keep them from going the way of the dinosaur.

You can also view a lo-res version of this Report online.

Deep See
The 3-person submersible Deep See is located at Cocos Island, along with the liveaboard dive boats Sea Hunter and Undersea Hunter. We visited Deep See while she was still in California, and spoke with pilot Shmulik Blum about the deep dives they will be offering at Cocos.
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