Whole Lotta Wrecks

Truk Lagoon is a soft and hard coral-encrusted graveyard of ships, that happens to be in a lagoon: which means dive sites galore, well within the reach of recreational divers. History comes to life from 60 years ago, in an artificial reef.
The Reef Remains the Same

Bonaire is one of those places that seems to get a lot of hype, and we'll see if it measures up. People say it's a shore diving paradise, and that the water is clear, easy, and full of life. We'll show it to you, you decide...we liked it!
Physical Diversity

Wakatobi is a remote place, far from just about everywhere, but people go there in search of tiny creatures, pygmy seahorses and nudibranchs. It's definitely for the connoisseur, the diving can go from mild to wild. And there's more.
Houses of the Blue Holes

The Nekton boats are large, spacious, and very convenient to get to from south Florida, with several departures from Ft. Lauderdale. The Cay Sal Bank itinerary features blue holes, walls and a shark dive without feeding.
Issue 2
Featured Dive Portraits: