Around The World: David Fleetham

David Fleetham's photographs have been featured on the covers of many magazines, dive books and marine life guide books. We spent some time talking with him about his love of the ocean and what inspires him.
Spotlight: Support Your Local Dive Shop

In a tribute to everyone's local dive shop, we paid a visit to ours in Venice California, and spoke with our buddy Steve Ladd about buiding a sense of community with dive shops and clubs, and how that can keep people diving.
Focus on Gear: Gates Underwater Housings

John Ellerbrock, the new owner of Gates Underwater Housings, took us on a tour of his new products. One of the most exciting new developments is the HD-1 housing for the JVC HD1 high definition camera. We also visited the Gates facility in San Diego, where all of the engineering and manufacturing are done.
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