REEF stands for the Reef Environmental Education Foundation, and they're based in Key Largo. They are an organization that is fueled by volunteer divers like you and me, who collect data from reefs all over the world. The reef database is a gigantic survey of marine areas in the US, Caribbean and Hawaii. They count fish, and here's how YOU can help.

All you have to do is take a quick little fish ID class, like we did. Then you learn how to fill out their survey forms, and proceed to contribute to the sum total of human knowledge. Well, maybe not that significant, but cool nonetheless. There are survey forms for different areas that REEF covers, such as the Tropical Western Atlantic (Caribbean, Florida, Bahamas, Gulf of Mexico, Mid-Atlantic States), the Tropical East Pacific (Gulf of California to the Galapagos Islands). Wait a minute, this is starting to sound like an issue of ScubaCore.... check out the DVD for more.