Hippocampus Denise pygmy seahorses by Eric H Cheng
Eric Cheng is an underwater photographer, computer scientist,cellist... you get the picture. Eric's underwater photographs have garnered him numerous awards, and he spends a lot of time these days giving seminars to other divers on the subject of digital photography. Eric runs a website called Wetpixel that covers "digital photo and imaging for divers". This is a very active site that has a lot of information, lively forums and up to the minute reviews of new gear and a classified section.

Eric took us on a tour of his work, from the Galapagos, to Hawaii, the Bahamas and Bimini, and a long list of others. He shoots strictly digital, and brought an enviable collection of cameras, housings, strobes and lenses. Because of the wonderful immediacy of the digital medium, we were able to view some of Eric's photographs from just a few days before, on the reef at Wakatobi.

There is a huge shift in image capture, and it is decidedly digital. Digital can do everything from flatten the playing field, to flattening the image, depending on who you talk to.... but it is the way of today, and tomorrow. Eric is one of those people who realize that photography sometimes has very little to do with what kind of camera you use.